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:bulletblue:Purpose of the club
~WeFeatureYou is dedicated to help promote artists', both known and unknown, arts to the deviantArt community.

Photography, traditional art, digital art, customization and much more. We accept any form of art!

In a lookout for more exposure? This group is for you!

:bulletred:Why would I want to become a member?
~WeFeatureYou offers you the chance to make yourselves known to others. The founder of the group is giving away BiWeekly Features for free!! Contributors will be sought to make BiWeekly Features under the group's name. Exposure. We're here to showcase all of our talents. So come join. You'll have fun!

Become a member now! You will feel our love. :heart:

But! Before clicking that Join Our Group button. I'd love for you to read the submission rules first. :)…

Done? Done? Done? Okay you can be a member now. :) Because if you're not a member, we'll be sad. :( And you won't be able to submit and be featured. :(

What's that? You want to be more than just a member? Oha! Well then, look up and check the number of members. Are we over 50 already? No? Behave. xD Yes?

Okay then. Here's the link:…


What are BiWeekly Features?
~ BiWeekly Features are given by arbaxa to promote the works of every deviant around for free. You do not have any obligation to give back to me at any cost. They are submitted every weekend every other week.

How do I submit my deviations?
~ You will have to send me, arbaxa a note containing three thumbs of the deviations that you would want featured for the week. If you happen to send more than three and let me choose which ones I will feature, I will be sending you back a note only to let you pick your top three. Please do not prolong the process that way. If you do not know how to get the thumbs for your deviations, here's how it should be:

1. Go to your desired deviation page.
2. Look on the right-hand side of the window. There you will see the "Add to Favorites" and below it, the list of groups where the deviation is currently found.
3. Scroll down more. You will see links of the deviations and there is one where it says thumb. It should look like this : thumb 1234567 : without the spaces.

How often can I submit my deviations?
~ You can submit as many times as you want. Just keep in mind that you have other people submitting their works as well.

Will any deviation be accepted?
~ I do not review the quality of any of those I feature, I only do features for those who want it.

How does this Special Feature part in the Weekly Feature occur?
~ I write down the Special Feature part if a group requested their winners to be featured in our Weekly Feature or if a deviant requested a cause or contest to be featured. Winners of this group's future contests will also be featured like that.


So, how do I get into WeFeatureYou's Spotlight?
-> Spotlights for contest winners and the like will usually last for 1 month or 4 weeks, meaning no matter how many times I update the group blog, your name will stay on it for 4 weeks straight.

->Requested spotlights is the one that you can, for the lack of a better word, apply for. The Spotlight is made for members who deserve to be featured. All of us, of course, want that group announcement every once in a while to promote our art. But, as you all may know, there are a lot of deviantArt users who are great artists but have not been given the attention that they deserve. Here's how we will do it:

:bulletblue: You, as a WeFeatureYou member have this simple power to proclaim to the whole group the awesomeness of someone that you might know who we deserves attention. Members will then have to scout dA for these talented artists. It's not really as hard as it might seem, honestly. After finding this one lucky person, I want you to send the group a note on why you chose this person. For this, you will have to be a creeper and stalk for just a little while. Figure out how many faves, followers, views, etc. this person has. Include a link or a thumb of your favorite work from his/her gallery as well.

:bulletblue: Every week, I will choose one "submission" and put that person on the Spotlight for one whole week. I will then send a note to that person about this feature and, of course, inform him/her about your kindness. I'm sure they'll love you for it. :heart:

:bulletblue: So what do you get from this? Love. And more than that!!! If I chose the person you submitted to be featured, you will also be included in the Spotlight! Got it? No? Basically, you choose one person to be featured and as a reward, have yourself featured too! Got it now? YES! Amazing, isn't it?

:bulletblue: You could easily just feature a friend and have him/her feature you too so either way, you both win. But that just ruins the main focus of the spotlight. I can't really argue with that kind of application but I would very much prefer it if you find someone that got you completely amazed with their works only to realize that s/he only has 1 fave/deviation. Do some good. Spread the love. Make someone smile in this very very simple way. Besides, you get rewarded for doing a good deed. What else could be better than that?

Any more questions? Comment! :la:

Group icon brought to you by the wonderful DusterAmaranth

Supported by: Grouple





"We are excited to announce a new contest with dAhub!  Not only can you win a one year premium membership, but we can get a one year group subscription too!  Joining this contest is really easy, check it out:…

All you have to do is upload a new deviation that depicts what our group is about.  You must include the name of our group in the image somewhere.  You also need to include a link to this journal in your submission description, otherwise your work won't be accepted.  Once you have your work uploaded, submit it to #dAhubPLUS here:… before March 15th

Everyone else should watch :icondahub: and then vote for our group's entries during the voting period in March!"

Woooooooot! Guys, let's do this! :la:



So, I forgot to submit a blog for the newest feature! You can check it out from here:…

Like I promised, I will be posting a Valentine's Day feature this weekend. All you have to do is submit love-related deviations in the group until this weekend and I will post as much as I can find in that feature. Also, don't forget to submit your three deviations for the Bi-Weekly feature!!!


BiWeekly Features are completely free. All you have to do is send me the deviations you want featured (3 thumbs) to my own personal account, arbaxa, and you're good to go! I encourage you all to submit. I post it on my own page and under Art Features. And of course, people from this group who will check out the link will see your own works!!



So, I know that the group isn't as lively as before and I really want us to be all crazy one again, yea? So for this, I'm looking for just one contributor.

:bulletgreen: The Reminder

So, hm, weird name right? But that's how it really is. Your job is all about reminding me, arbaxa, the forgetful founder of this group.

What do you have to do?

:bulletred: REMIND ME.
:bulletred: Keep check of the group notifications and the date. Why the date? Because of the BiWeekly Features. I am determined to provide features every other week no matter the number of submissions there are. I'll provide an update if and when I find my Reminder. :la:
:bulletred: Basically, all you have to do is roam around the group and check whether there's anything in need of my attention or something I forgot to do, for that matter.

For this role, I need:

:bulletblue: Someone who can be on deviantArt and just check the group every now and then, at least 3 times a week please.
:bulletblue: Someone who has access to texting in the US and/or be able to message me on Facebook.
:bulletblue: Someone who is able to communicate well in English or Tagalog.

I know this sounds completely ridiculous but I need YOU! So if you are interested in this, send a note to arbaxa on details about yourself, your usage of dA, your purpose in being in dA, and a little input on how this group would be better.

Thanks everyone!




She is currently hosting a contest in relation to outfit designing!

The theme is to design an outfit for one or more of her Sugar Paradise girls found here:…

The deadling is on the 10th of March 2013. Prizes vary from points to subscriptions!

For more information about this contest, click this:…
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